Sunday, December 9, 2012

Special Guest Blogger: Palabra Smith

Here's a poem written by a friend of mine, who asked me to post it on my blog.  Since it's a celebration of women, I totally said yes!  Enjoy!


It’s an undeniable rhythm. An enticing chorus of sounds and motion, both unique distinct.
 It turns heads and stops traffic. Equal parts natural beauty and black magic.
Some call it a gait, some call it a strut or the harmonious mechanics of female motion.
Is it the natural grace of her feminine form?
A poetic fluid dance that she subconsciously performs.
Is it a secret of her ancestors? A silver string unbroken.
Mama and Auntie taught her in a whispered language unspoken.
Every man knows the sound. Young and old respond the same.
Allow me to give this anonymous female phenomenon an appropriate name.
It’s called the Click, Clack, Sway, Swing.
As she walks you hear her heels striking the pavement, leaving her mark on the world and awakening the desires and ambitions of those in her wake. Click, Clack!
Each step she takes is engineered and measured by the dynamic and graceful locomotion of her shapely calves, her supple thighs and her curvaceous hips. Sway!
From the “melancholy stroll” to the “can’t be late march”. The speed and purposefulness is controlled by her arm. A pendulum of feminine power and simple elegance. Swing!
Each woman has her own signature motion. Each man loves one more than the other. Undeniable, unmistakable poetry in motion. Click, clack, sway, swing.
By: Palabra Smith

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