Sunday, November 10, 2013


for the young women who make my day, every day

She said I was brave.
She didn't know that two days ago
I was contemplating walking away forever
because I was so afraid of what I would face

She said I was awesome.
She didn't know that, behind closed doors,
someone was saying I was mean, insecure,
and that I was the problem.

She said I was strong.
She didn't know about all the times I walked into my office
and cried, and cried, and cried,
because my feelings were hurt
yet again.

She said I was beautiful.
She didn't know about the times
a man said I wasn't good enough,
not attractive enough,
just a little too soft in the wrong places
and refused to look at my inner beauty.

She said I was phenomenal.
She didn't know that all I saw within myself
was a woman living, just making it day by day
only by the grace of God.

She said I was her friend.
She said I was her friend.
She said I was her friend.

And everything else besides that
no longer mattered.

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