Sunday, August 22, 2010

Broken Glass (A Poem About The Risk of Loving)

It draws me in
Beautiful colors reflected in its light
I'm intrigued; fascinated by its radiance
Its beauty, not in its whole, but in its parts
Compels me to come closer
Study it, investigate it, want more
As I draw closer
I reach out to touch it
And, what was beautiful to behold
Now cuts me
It causes me to bleed
Just like broken glass

You drew me in
Your brilliance reflected in your words
I was intrigued; fascinated by your intensity
Your beauty, not in your whole, but in the sum of your parts
Compelled me to come closer
Smell you, taste you, want more
And, as I opened my heart and reached out to touch you
You cut me
You caused my heart to bleed
Just like broken glass

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